Oil seals

What they are, classification, types and general operation

Seals are mechanical seals manufactured to prevent leakage or unwanted exchange of fluids, gases or solids. Different types are used depending on the required application where temperature, components or contaminants may vary.

For its assembly, tools are usually used that allow proper placement without damaging any of the parts, the seal is usually lubricated with grease or oil to reduce friction when sliding on the contact surface, although there are types of seals that are not recommended to be lubricated.

A new oil seal must be fitted every time a repair or maintenance is carried out. There are different seals according to the conditions under which they will be used, which ensures their functionality.

Some characteristics of the types of oil seals are described below.


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What are Retainers?

Oil seals are components that serve to isolate a part within a machinery, and are also used when it is desired to prevent the exchange of fluids between two or more parts of a mechanism. Generally made of rubber or similar materials, rubber seals allow to maintain lubrication in the component parts and therefore enable their optimum performance.

It is necessary to have good practices for the installation and maintenance of the seals, since besides helping to obtain a longer life time, it also avoids other types of premature failures, as well as guaranteeing the correct sealing in the environment.

When installing them, it is very important to check the lip of the seal, as well as the housing, to ensure that both are in good condition and that there are no cuts or deformations in the material; any of these or other imperfections may cause undesirable leaks between the component parts.

With proper knowledge and care during assembly and disassembly, complications will most likely disappear.

Parts of a Retainer


Classification and Types of Seals


Metric or inch retainer


Metal retainer


Nitrile seal


Viton seals


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