Bearings (Mounted Bearings)

What they are, classification, types and general operation

Bearings are mounted bearings that are used to provide support for rotating shafts. This type of bearing is positioned in line parallel to the shaft axis. Their design allows them to provide great support for rotation, especially in handling loads that can range from light to heavy, so they are widely used in pumps and conveyors.

This type of bearings have a self-lubricating design, they have a reservoir that serves to store lubricant, so they do not require constant external lubrication for optimum performance, this saves time in stops for lubrication and maintenance of equipment, its lubricant reservoir extends the lubrication intervals so it also extends the life of the bearing.


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042149 H4S-SFXT-534 SAF-XT

29,647.46 MXN3
Las chumaceras Dodger  042149 H4S-SFXT-534 SAF-XT   son extremadamente funcionales por su capacidad de trabajo forzado y material de fabricaciòn optimo.

128780 F4B-DL-103

2,151.80 MXN
Información Adicional
Serie de rodamientos: Serie 206
Tipo de rodamiento:Bola
Capacidad de expansión: sin expansión (fijo)
Vivienda Construcción:Sólida
Material de la carcasa:Hierro fundido
Tipo de carcasa:Brida de cuatro pernos
Insertar material: acero
Sensor listo: adaptador requerido
Accesorio del eje: Collar de abrazadera
Apto para entornos de lavado: No
Sellado y Lubricación
Relubricable: Sí
Nombre de la grasa:Unirex N2
Lubricación: Grasa
Adecuado para aplicaciones de alta temperatura: No
Capacidad de carga dinámica: 4368 lbf
Velocidad máxima: 5500 r/min
Capacidad de carga estática: 2538 lbf
Longitud del orificio: 1,56 pulgadas
Diámetro del eje: 1,1875 pulgadas
Separador incluido: No


76.99 MXN
Este rodamiento 6000 2RSR FAG es un rodamiento de bolas radial de ranura profunda sellada con un juego radial interno estándar. Las dimensiones del rodamiento son 10x26x8.. Debido a su diseño, los rodamientos rígidos de bolas absorben cargas radiales y axiales en ambas direcciones. Para altas demandas de protección contra la corrosión, ofrecemos muchos rodamientos en acero inoxidable.


76.99 MXN
Este rodamiento 6000 2RSR C3 FAG es un rodamiento de bolas radial de ranura profunda sellada con un juego radial interno más grande que el estándar.

Do you need a Bearing Bushing (Mounted Bearing) Distributor?

At BRR® Refacciones Industriales we are distributors of bearings for different States and Cities such as: Puebla, Querétaro, Edo de México, SLP (San Luis Potosí), Ciudad Valles, León Guanajuato and Toluca. In addition, we have an online store of Chumaceras (Mounted Bearings) for the rest of the Mexican Republic.

What are the Chumaceras?

A bearing is a mounted bearing used to support a rotating shaft.

Bearing classification

There are several types of bearings:

  • Tensioner: This bearing is very often used in conveyor belts where the belt and shafts are aligned. This allows you to keep the belt centered correctly, it has a guide that allows you to loosen or tighten the track according to the needs of the application.
  • Wall: Wall-mounted bearings are distinguished by the fact that they are fixed to the machine, where the shafts are placed. These bearings have a frame with 4 holes that serve to fix it to the support.
  • Flange: This type of bearing allows the alignment of the shafts vertically and is fastened by means of two screws. It has the great advantage of being able to be calibrated according to the requirements of the application that requires it.

Parts of a Bearing

partes de una chumacera

Bearing Nomenclature

In order to identify these components, a code called nomenclature is assigned to them, with which they can be categorized and details such as the type of screws and elements with which they can be combined can be specified quickly and optimally.

Thanks to the nomenclature, it is also possible to indicate the types and uses that a bearing can have; to read the code, it is necessary to know that it is divided into 5 segments:

  • Two letters referring to the type of bearing to be used with them
  • Formed by a letter, the second segment indicates the type of bearing to use with that bearing
  • The third segment is a number indicating the diameter of the bearing body.
  • Formed by two numbers, the fourth segment corresponds to indicate the bearing bore diameter
  • The fifth segment combines a letter and a number, representing an additional code that can indicate the type of screws to be used, either round head or lag screws.

Bearing types


Ball Bearings


Bearings Type E


Type C Bearings


Bearings Type EXL


Bearings S-2000


USAF Bearings


Babitted Bearings


Floor Bearings


Wall Bearings


Base Bearings


Flange Bearings


Bearing journals stamped


Tensioning bearings


Hanging Bearings


Bearings SC/SCM


Reinforced bearings


Thermoplastic Bearings
(food grade)


Bipartite Bearings


Heavy Duty Bearings

Bearing Marks

BRR Refacciones Industriales is a leader in the supply of these components, with strong alliances that allow it to offer its customers products of the highest quality that can guarantee safety, reliability and efficiency. The bearing brands it handles are:

Free Courses on Bearings

The course on basic concepts and dimensioning of bearings is aimed at technical office personnel or personnel involved in the design of machines and mechanisms containing bearings. The course aims to show the basic concepts on the use of bearings, the different dimensioning methods as well as the practical design considerations for the correct operation of bearings.


Mechanical and Surface Equipment Course - Bearings (Basic)


Mechanisms and Machine Elements Course - General Bearing Theory


Bearing Assembly Course (FAG)

This course is intended to provide both service personnel and assemblers with instructions on the correct handling and proper mounting and dismounting of bearings. A special chapter deals with bearing damage and its causes. The tables contain designations, tolerances and adjacent bearing parts, values for internal clearance and a summary table of FAG Arcanol bearing greases.


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